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Who is Jake Paul and Why Edfluence?

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Jake Paul quickly catapulted to fame with comedic vine videos that garnered billions of views across the world. More than just a “digital celebrity,” Jake is an entrepreneur, author, actor and content creator that has a fan base of over 30 million followers across social media platforms. He currently has one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube averaging hundreds of million of views per month, and over half a million new subscribers PER MONTH. Jake was among the first digital stars to successfully transition into acting, starring in a Disney series. Jake also runs an extremely successful merch business, inks mega brand deals, runs and manages Team 10 (a social media and influencer label), owns a mega mansion in LA, lives with his best friends, while creating content daily - and impacting the lives of millions world wide. Jake has decided to pull the curtain back and show the masses exactly how he built his social influencer empire. Jake crushes it on all social media platforms and utilizes each one in different ways to reach his fans and create a major impact. With Edfluence, Jake pretty much shares ALL the goods in step-by-step trainings in the premium members area.

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